Diamond no Ace – Ch94



So hello everyone. Recently a certain someone has been asking for DnA in a rather harassing and annoying way. If you wish so strongly to see this released, you can help us instead of being a pain in the ***. And for those of you who have been patient, we are pleased to give you this chapter. Now, to why this is so fucking slow, the department of redrawing is actually empty, so we don’t really have anyone to work on it. So if you have experience and would like to help with those, feel free to apply and help us, otherwise the releases will stay slow. To give you an idea, that’s currently our only problem, so if we get someone there, we can release freely.

Anyway! Ravens won the superbowl, 35 minutes poweroutage, and Montreal Canadiens won both of their games during the weekend, everything went the way I wanted!

Enjoy this new chapter!

9 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch94”

  1. thank u guys, and sh*t happen, so stay cool n rockin’ guys, glad that this manga still in ur care ;)

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I just picked this series up a few days ago (I’m on chapter 66 now) and was scared it would be stalled indefinitely. Glad to see there is at least some hope!

  3. Thanks a lot guys! Sorry for being a pan in the *** (but that might not have been me, tho I’m also guilty). Love this manga!

  4. thanks for the update, its kinda disappointing to hear that no one wants to do the redrawing for this manga

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