Kuroko no Basket – Ch157-162

akashiscans-creditsWell the title pretty much sums up what this post is, a big release of kuroko no basket in an effort to join the gap between what was done and what wasn’t! Anyway, I finished reading what was out of the Iron Druid Chronicles (which means the 5 books) and have started another series by Benedict Jacka named Alex Verus. Nothing special about it, but I’ll read it for the sake of completion, since I already read the 1st one and started the second one.

Enjoy these new chapters of Kuroko no Basket!

Kuroko no Basket Chapter 157-162

15 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basket – Ch157-162”

  1. Thank you for your great work!
    About the new chapter, I do not see any problem with just the AkashiScans site posting it since you can DL there too.

  2. Thanks as usual! The other scans are too horrible to read so I just wait for you guys to slowly fill the gaps!

  3. Thank you for the chapters!!
    I follow Kuroko for quite some time, actually I started to read a few months after the first release, but may I ask (don’t be mad, please), why you guys no longer update at the same time that the partner group? >.<

  4. Uwah, I’ve been waiting for the gap to be filled to start reading again, so this is great~ Thank you so much! ^.^

    1. Your opinion on the relative quality of our releases is of utmost importance to us. It will be given every consideration it deserves.

  5. Thanks for the releases. God I’m gonna have a ton of reading to do when you guys fill the gap in lol

  6. Thanks a lot!
    Yoshioka probably means that the new chapters from Akashi-IMS are announced on Baka-updates and put on-line on the website of AkashiScans, but no DDL here like it used to be… Which is a bit of a shame, I admit (~_~’)

  7. Thank you for a bunch of releases~ I am very happy to see that you guys put the download links in the website again :D

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