Baby Steps – Ch157

!BabyStepsSo, no we haven’t forsaken you, here is a new chapter of Baby Steps, with the shortest match I’ve ever read in this manga. Other than that, not much. I will keep you posted on the series Alex Verus i’m currently reading, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s nothing “awesome”, just decent/okay.

Enjoy this new chapter!

22 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch157”

  1. thanks once again :)
    this is one of the manga I read right away whenever you guys release the next chapter.

  2. Thanks for the scans and also since you seam to be reading a lot of the same books that I have you might want to look into the Zero Sight series. The Name of the Wind is another good one.

  3. That epic 3rd round match… Well, it’s better that didn’t drag it out:) Let’s see how Ei-chan will beat this guy! And thank you for the release, I didn’t think you’ve forgotten about us:)

  4. Thanks for the release. Looking forward to E-chan’s fight against Mr grumpy face cheat. Tossing the racquet gently so he knew the result of the toss. Just like stacking the deck in cards…

  5. Thank you! I just new if I’m going to check Imanga today first thing in the morning I will find new Baby Steps chapter. I’m psychic, lol :) Thank you, thank you! :)

  6. what a coincidence jsut before i sleep a release to bring me bak from ym boredom yay ! thanks for release

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