Kimi no Knife v9 ch61


As promised, IMS is picking up Kimi no Knife. This begins volume 9 of the series. Keep in mind that this manga is now monthly, and that we’ve caught up to Japan in terms of volume releases. Please don’t expect a release rate that’s faster than monthly on average.

And don’t forget to thank Kajii for agreeing to edit it and me for not dropping it. ;)


9 thoughts on “Kimi no Knife v9 ch61”

  1. Yes, thank you very much. <3

    On an unrelated note, may I enquire as to the status of Shinwa Ponchi? According to MU it was ended after two volumes, and as far as I can tell, youíre already halfway through the second volume. But there hasnít been a release in a year and a half.

    1. It’s currently on hold. We will probably get back to it eventually, but it might take a while, depending on motivation and stuff

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