Kimi no Knife v9 ch61


As promised, IMS is picking up Kimi no Knife. This begins volume 9 of the series. Keep in mind that this manga is now monthly, and that we’ve caught up to Japan in terms of volume releases. Please don’t expect a release rate that’s faster than monthly on average.

And don’t forget to thank Kajii for agreeing to edit it and me for not dropping it. ;)


Ill make you into an Otaku, so make me into a Riaj?! Ch06


It’s been a while since our last release, but here is a new one. Please welcome Reignbeau to the team. He typeset this chapter and helped us release a lot faster. Also, many thanks to our friends over at Okami no Fansub who helped with cleaning and redraws. And also thanks to Kajii and powha who did a great job on page 4.

On an unrelated note, are any of you trance fans? What are your favourite Japanese artists? Here’s a track by Hiroyuki Oda: [link]. Did you guys know that he’s also the artist for OreImo? Crazy!

Ah, and I want to fix up the styles on the website and reader a bit. If any of you know a thing or two about design, let me know. I kind of suck at it really bad.