12 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch83”

  1. I am clinging on to hope, (and the fact that the genre tags never said tragedy). Thanks for the release.

  2. I’m assuming Brian is about to show up. And I don’t mean his ghost to take our hero to heaven, I mean the machine that creates oxygen. I think what we didn’t see is Azuma asking them to at least send a Brian or two just in case he really did come out there.

    1. I really like that assumption. That sounds a lot more possible than taking that other guy’s oxygen’s tank. This would seriously go bad, if Brian and Eddie’s tragedy was mirrored in these brother’s as well.

  3. Why doesn’t he just take the Oxygen backpack from the guy’s who’s going to die from freezing to death? Come on Hibito! Don’t die, before Mutta gets there. T_T

    1. So tempted to download the raws, but ugh… the speech is half the goodness to this manga. choices… x_x

  4. I’ve been wondering what the fuss was about with this manga so I glanced at a couple of chapters. Now I may have to read it from the start.

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