Baby Steps – Ch156

!BabyStepsWell as promised, here is the new chapter of Baby Steps! A nice little transition chapter with a duh-duh-duh moment! Today, I was pretty sad, cause for once I wanted to eat shitty ass food and decided to go to McDies, took some chicken nuggets and these assholes didn’t put the sauce in my bag and I only noticed when I was home and went into a rage and destroyed a wall. Not really, but still, it wasn’t that nice of them! Also I’m slowly reading the Iron Druid Chronicles, I’m just at the second book so far, but I love every second of it so far and would recommend it to anyone!

Enjoy this new chapter!

23 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch156”

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Pssh, Ei-chan’s gonna wipe the floor with this next opponent. Tabun.

    On an unrelated note, may I enquire as to the status of Shinwa Ponchi? According to MU it was ended after two volumes, and as far as I can tell, you’re already halfway through the second volume. But there hasn’t been a release in a year and a half.

  2. Blessed be the Baby Steps bringers. Blessed are their scanlations. Blessed are their updates, longed for eternally. Blessed are the Baby Steps bringers, and we shall worship at their website altar until the internet grows cold.

    All that said, I wonder if we’re ever going to see his parents at a match sometimes soon. I’m really looking forward to the look on their faces when they see how good he actually is and how the audience and other players like and respect him.

  3. that was a nice little chap, well looks like things are gonna get harder for e-chan from this point on, the next arc looks like its gonna b fun to read. cant wait lol :) thanks for the hard work guys :)

  4. So when the author cannot come up with a cliffhanger ending he uses dramatic foreshadowing instead (cue ominous background music).

    Thank you again for the chapter.

  5. Thanks for the release. I’m wondering if one of the named players will lose to some unknown to create a new threat, or if the creator will just let things go as expected.

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