14 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch82”

  1. I just started reading this series about three days ago. Which, was a bad idea. The second I started, I immediately fell in love with Mutta. I have the same issues with self confidence and bad luck. All in all I love the series, but now I’ve caught up to the translations… Shoot, we gotta see what happens with Hibino. Hopefully not sad news, either. It’s being a worse nail biter than baby steps, and that’s saying alot. :D

  2. I nead moooar, thank you so much for this, I tried to read the raws but there is so many kanji that I dont know…

  3. I cant handle the wait guys…Anyway you guys are fast… Super Fast…..BTW how long will it take for the scans to catch up to the publishers ?

    1. I don’t really know how long it will take… In Japan, vol 20 is going to come out soon, which means it is close to 200 chapters there… so as you see there’s a long way to go.
      I’m doing my best to catch up with translations until the end of June, but that’s just translations. georgi and Kajii work on way more series than me, so probably it will take a while in releases to catching up with Japan, but I’d say, we’d catch up this year.

      It’s not a promise, it’s just my guess right now, so don’t get your hopes high :D

    2. Oki-Doki ?????

      Oh,and Yes , do you kind of know where ???? Chapter synopsis or summary could be found ( in English ). I’ve searched high and low .Its a shame that mangahelper has only 5 or 6 Chapter translations.

      BTW how many of you are working on it ? Tanks or Mags ?


    3. We work on a few series… the stuff you see on our projects page, pretty much. But yeah, Uchuu is definitely a high priority projects for us. It sucks, since there are many other series I’d love to release fast, but it’s just not possible with our current manpower. And yes, I can say manpower, because we’ve run out of girls! If you’re a girl and are reading this, please apply! kthnx

  4. Wow, I am glad you guys are faster than the Anime. I want to know what happens!! Thanks for everything.

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