10 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch81”

  1. oh, thanks so much for these! on man, what a cliffy these last chapters have been! Thank you for doing these so fast.

  2. omg!!! what a cliffhanger!!! noooo go to the right spot! trust in mutta!! :P

    lol and i have to go back for that last ch to see where azuma was speaking..ahaha did not notice

  3. Thanks so much for the rapid releases of Uchuu Kyoudai you’ve been doing recently. One of my favorites and it’s nice having something to look forward to every other day.

  4. p.21: “Can you see it, Damian? It’s so dazzling.”
    Next page: pitch black.

    Did azuma really say something? I’ll have to look back.

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