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So! A new Baby Steps is here for you guys. Anyway, what did you think of the crowd? Leave a comment of rage or happiness or both or none, whichever suits you best. Also I fell upon this series called Iron Druid Chronicles which seems quite interesting, just letting you guys know!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. Thanks for the match. Now can’t wait for the match with Nabae. And if you’re willing to go beyond urban fantasy, David Weber’s Honoor Harrington series really rocks. Its military sci-fi.

  2. Thanks for the rapid release of the last few chapters. This has been an exciting series to read.

  3. Awesome match! Also the “change of pace” the last days with your realeses is really apriciated!

  4. Yuo guys are the best!!!! But now thake some rest and breathe =D
    Thank you so much for giving us the end of this super-thrilling match!

  5. I am pissed! Wheres the bawwing and crying from those 3 supporters of Ide! Thick eye brow, no eyes and visual kei hair!!

  6. Are you blind? It was clearly out! The match shouldn’t be over!
    Now we go back to normal releases…

  7. Thanks muchly! Glad it’s finally over, don’t know how much more of that I could have taken :/

    1. Such an amazing match, really. One of the best, maybe THE best so far. I hated every minute of it, but it was all worth it in the end. Haha.

  8. Sometimes the mental game is more interesting than the physical one.
    Sometimes it is time to just shut up and play.
    Page 15 before there is any dialogue. It is impressive how the “silence” ratcheted up the tension and the excitement of the end of the game.
    Highlights: Nacchan’s reaction. Okada’s worried look as the top seeds were leaving. Another top player encouraging Eichan to embrace the crowd and their cheers. Nabae clearly redefining Eichan from interesting to dangerous.

    And the Dresdan Files are entertaining (and barely resemble the TV series based on the series.)

  9. i really liked that chap lol i kept thinking that e-chan needed more love on the cort & now he got it. he stole the crowd & rightly so that was a craking match & this chap left chills down my spine hahaha cant wait to see whats gonna happen now(maybe a little kiss as a reward :P) 1 things for sure tho its only gonna get better. go kick some ass e-chan. wekk those are my thought lol & as always thats for the new chap cant wait for more :) thanks again

  10. The Iron Druid chronicles totally rocks. Have read all four and I can say they are all great. Have a great time reading them.

  11. Amazing! Great work, loved the insane release rate…made my week off a lot more enjoyable (:

    U guys rock!

    1. Ow, and for those who read too fast to notice….MARUO ACTUALLY WON this one! Did it because he is really badass and can handle a little noisy crowd of bastards. That’s why miss ultra-cute nacchan like him (and we do too).

  12. That was an awesome match, thanks you! But I still die of envy to see the next chapter, damn that manga… lol

  13. Crowd pissed me of. Ei-chan is a champ, friendly bloke and they were an ungrateful bunch of asses throughout the game who kept forgetting the game was only played due to his good nature. A lot of other opponents would’ve insisted on the forfait and how did he get repaid? A one-sided crowd who only pressured him. And them cheering him on the end doesn’t change that. Especially since his performance only deserved praise.

    Still, story wise it made for an excellent setting. Having our all A show his all A play. The pressure was an ideal way to make him grow more.

  14. I think the crowd came because of Ide-kun but did not really have a huge commitment to cheer for him and really just wanted to enjoy some good tennis. Thanks for this chapter btw it was awesome!

  15. I found the end pretty abrupt, but also quite explosive and tension-filled. The crowd? The crod needs to KNEEL IN FRONT OF EI AND BEG FOR FORGIVENESS!

    Thanks for the chapter :D

  16. Liked how he did the last moments of the match completly withouth any words or sounds. (Reminded me of the completly silent chapter in Slam Dunk)
    A new book series again ? You seem to consume books like others consume water. ^^
    I would personally add to the recomendation list:
    Rumo: And His Miraculous Adventures by Walter Moers

    Its funny, contains a lot of action and probably the strangest cast of main characters ever created.

  17. lol at butterfingers troll , ur funny, anyhow great chapter loved it, finally glad the battles over, nachan and echan date again :3? idunno

  18. I can’t believe E-chan lost! I think that it’s rather formulaic the way the weather just happened to change in that point of the match. It seems like the author just ‘invented’ a sudden gust of wind to advance his plot.

    Well, what will E-chan do now? Quit? Break up with Nacchan out of disappointment? I can’t wait to find out.

  19. The author did a really good job conveying the mood, the intensity, the ups and downs and the tension of a great match. Props.

    Thanks for the quick pace to finish this match, really helped appreciate it a lot more.

  20. well… this must have been an easy chapter to translate haha
    great conclusion thanks for the release guys

  21. was that really 19 pages?? i finished it in like 3 seconds
    it was still awesome GOOOO E-chan!!!!!

  22. Thanks a lot guys, but you can stop now! this last chapters had too much drama on them.. now even we the shameless leachers need some rest from this overwhelming feelings :P

    Really, thanks a lot for all your work :)

  23. Thanks a lot for keeping the chapters coming!
    It was a really great chapter! Intense and at the same time makes you wonder if it’s really 19 pages since they go by so fast!
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and thanks again!!!

  24. thank you so much. even though the match was long, it kept me on the edge of my seat every chapter!

  25. Whoa, wild ride. Thanks for sticking with the crazy schedule through to the end of the match. Now what will it take to keep it going? Money? Power? Women? -_- …Men?

    1. You are just hiding the fact that by saying I want it, you know that whatever I get will end up in your hands and not mine

  26. I’m so relieved, that Ide didn’t tie things up. I was really afraid of it, to be honest… As for the crowd: I didn’t really like it. They should be ashamed of themselves:P Also, Maruo should learn how to jump properly, lol.

    Thank you very much! It was quite a few chapter, but it seemed so short, thanks to the insane release rate!

  27. Wow, you’re on a roll lately! Keep going!

    And again thank you very much for your work on this series :)

  28. Thanks for getting us past the cliffhangers and ending the match! Now, what happens between Nachan and E-chan in between matches… =)

  29. Perfect conclusion for a great match. The autor no how to end a match well, got some goosebumps here…

  30. Thank goodness!! I have been skimming, not reading these chapters for the past four, I was getting so very bored with his match against Ide. It was never ending and tedious. I get this is a sports manga but I feel like the author was using all that sports action to be lazy and not bother writing any plot development for like a whole volume. It felt like filler to me. Like when Dragonball Z would spend ten episodes fighting the same guy and talking about various fight nonsense. Just get on with it all ready!! We GET he’s a tough opponent, no need to beat a dead horse!!

  31. Thanks for the chapter.
    loving the ending of this match. always going back to the beginning of the match to reread through it :)

    thanks again

  32. Is it just me, or do those two panels with Ei look like they should be swapped…?

    Thanks for the chapters. I wish this arc weren’t so long, but oh well.

  33. Thank you for the chapter =D

    I’ve not read the Iron Druid Chronicles, but I’ve heard it compared to The Dresden Files and since I love that series, I can imagine that the Iron Druid isn’t too bad.

    But if you haven’t read the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher yet I highly, highly recommend it. When one book has our hero riding into battle on top of a Zombie T-Rex named Sue, magically powered by a one man polka band, you know you have a winner on your hands. His fantasy series is great as well.

  34. I appreciated this way of ending it. Maruo continues to have an A in mental fortitude, he makes it to nationals, and the crowd were so hyped up with positive energy that not a single person got upset at Maruo. This shows that the audience really was there to enjoy tennis, and not just because they heard about Ide from the streets or whatever.

  35. Best Chapter so far.. and Thank you for the chapter !!!
    N-now that the match is over.. you will still come back tomorrow right? … right? <3

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