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Hello everyone, so it’s to my understanding that we are dropping Baby Steps… not. So here’s another chapter of Baby Steps, still being awesome and annoying at the same time, it feels like reading 1 page since it goes so fast and then BAM, cliffhanger! Anyway. Also good news for the Montreal Canadiens fans, we got rid of Scott Gomez!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. We all love you and yours for Baby Steps… But for a moment you made my heart leap into my throat and for that I will have my revenge. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But one day you’ll wake up with a toad wearing a sombrero on your nightstand.

  2. love it! love it! love it! Plz keep the updates coming! I don’ t think I’ ‘ll be able to rest until Maruo’ s match is finally over.

  3. It’s sooo good to waking up in the morning knowing that there is a new chapter of Baby Steps which will make my day… :)
    Thank you guys, you’re awesome!

  4. I thought that between the leg shot was only for badminton. But oh man at least he got few points in in the chapter and didn’t become like slam dunk (ie 1 point per chapter cuz every char gets a flashback. I just fuing hate flashback)

    1. i think this arc means big for ei chan like a revelation or breakthrough for him so its given special attention. He learns to balance btwn his observation and intuition so after this we probably wont get a match like this anymore. He will breeze thru the rest since we already know where he got that skill. Sheer hard work!

  5. I will pretend I did not read the start of LordLestat’s post and enjoy yet another awesome annoying chapter. Thanks again to the scanlation team. You guys must be on serious uppers to keep up this pace.

    Eichan finally gets to use the between the legs shot. I have been wondering when it would finally happen.

    And great news about the Habs dropping Scott Gomez. The player is quite skilled but his hands turn to stone anywhere near the net and the size of his contract was one of the stupidest things Montréal Canadien’s management has ever done.

  6. Thanks again for another chapter of this awesome series!

    Concerning Gomez…no you guys are stashing him a year prior to getting rid of him. So unfortunately he’s taking up 7.5 mill of your cap space, but at least its only for one more year. As a Leafs fan…wonder if the Leafs will do the same with Komisarek…

    1. I know, but as long as he doesn’t play, he’s not a liability and an useless player on the ice. So even though we lose cap space, next year he won’t when it counts

  7. Thanks for the chapter… but man I just want to finally know the end of this match! I don’t know how many more cliffhangers I can handle…

  8. almost got a heart attack after the i read the first line saying that baby steps gonna be dropped…… anyways thnx for the release!

  9. hell yeah that was a great chap loved e-chan’s tennis in this lol thanks for the new chap guys but ur rite it dose seem to fly when ur getting into it hahaha :)

  10. Thank you very much for the godlike release pace.
    I predict the match will goes on for two more chapter. :hmm:

  11. suuuper chapter…the cliffhanger is killing me and i know i am not the only one feeling the heat rising…it’s the awesomeness itself

  12. argh the cliffhangers!, we dont blame you though, we blame the author for riling us up so many times xD

  13. Incredible pace right now, i couldnt believe there was allready a new chapter today. Thanks so much!

  14. When I read you were dropping Baby Steps, my heart dropped….Good thing you guys were trolling lol. Thanks for the chapter

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