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It’s me yet again! And with yet another chapter of Baby Steps. I must admit, this time I was really drawn in the chapter and could help but expect more and more and when it reached the dreadful cliffhanger, I hated every part of it and like you, I really want to read the next chapter!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. This amazing release pace is spoiling me, making me constantly check back to see if the next chapter is here yet, thereby increasing the traffic to your site.

  2. Thank you for keeping this insane pace! Having all these new chapters per week of one of my fav manga right now is awesome.

  3. Please keep going at this pace until the end of the match !!!
    Thanks a lot for the releases :)

  4. The only thing i want right now is i hope i really hope that when ei chan finally wins there will be a panel where those 3 Ide fanboys cry so hard!

  5. Thank you ^^

    This match it’s too long, chap 139 – chap 15?

    If all match is like that, chapter 18215, Ei-chan is pro ^^

  6. Thanks alot bro. Like many of you I was just completely drawn in by the match and it was very difficult waiting for the next chapter. I really appreciate it :)

  7. LOL, never heard a scanner state that he is uploading chapters bc he himself cant wait for the next chapter:)

  8. thanks for the release!

    btw if you want to read a masterpiece fantasy try
    Vampire Juuji Kai – The Record of Fallen Vampire

    it’s the best manga i ever read.
    the plot is masterpiece and original with so many plot twist.
    the art is growing from first chapter to ending.
    if you haven’t read it, read it now!!

  9. Thanks!

    If we’re still talking about fantasy recommendations…
    VNpowa on January 12, 2013 at 10:02 am said:
    -The Long Price Quartet, by Daniel Abrahams. Or how to make a fantasy series with almost no fantasy elements in it and still manages to be among the best fantasy series ever written.

    -Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. Itís a trilogy, and in my opinion Sandersonís best work, at least till we get 1-2 more books of his Stormlight Archives. Actually, check every book he wrote, his worst work was his first and itís still above average, and the magic system he invents are extremely well defined and inventive. Definitely my favorite author.

    The Long Price Quartet was amazing! Although it’s not strictly true there’s no fantasy elements… It’s more like Farseer in that sense, low levels of magic but the magic is heavily important. In fact, why haven’t I already suggested Farseer, which was my favourite fantasy trilogy of all time.
    Mistborn as well, absolutely amazing, loved it.

  10. The chapter seemed so short, which is party just a measure of how exciting it’s gotten. Thanks for the chapter!

  11. Please tell us really since you already have up to v22 anyway didn’t you already read them all XDXD

    1. No, cause I can’t read Japanese. What’s more, even if I were to look at the Raws, the whole point of Baby Steps is to understand the process and how Maruo thinks, so it would defeat the purpose lol. And I’m getting the chapters only like 15 minutes before you guys to do my job :P

  12. Woah! I just read Chapter 151 and 152 came out right after that! Lucky! …but now…I feel empty inside…

  13. Thanks again for such an amazing release! This pace is awesome, reminds me of a few months ago. Good job, mate.

  14. Thank you for the new chapter!
    This match is really exciting, and i like how this manga manages to pull off a good balance between going too realistic or too fictitious.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. haha u jerk u shudve just waited to finish enxt chapter and release both so we dont see the cliffhanger XD, damn when i saw the word opportunity as title i thought it was gunna show a break opportunity for e chan >.> now i dont even see that :l i bet even enxt chapter might be a cliff hanger for breakpoint lol…

  16. Thanks for the daily releases in the past few days! Each time you brighten my work day when I’m on break.

  17. Thanks a lot for these daily releases! It’s great to be able to read this match this quickly.

  18. can’t believe how fast those releases are coming these days xD
    just make sure you guys don’t fall over from exhaustion later on.

    thank you and hail imangascans :)

  19. . . . I want to say sorry for the words I uttered as I came to the end of the chapter. I mean, I’m sure your pet is a saint.

    But despite the paint I peeled off the walls, I still, as always, want to say thank you for the chapter. I realize that this momentum will come to an end sooner rather than later, and I’m grateful that you are all keeping it going.

  20. So then you are extra motivated to bring us even more?! You’ve created lots of tiny BabySteps-spoiled-monsters!

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