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It’s me again! I figure out that you guys must be tired of seeing me every day like this so should I stop coming every day, I mean I’m pretty sure everyone is thinking I’m being annoying and all! Anyway, I’m here to give you this new chapter of Baby Steps, more and more of Ide’s vs Maruo’s match. As for The Night Angel series, I’ve given up on it cause I was hoping for something a bit more… light aka no rapes and torture kept to a minimum (yes, I’m young at heart and hope for the best :P) Anyway, I’ve set my eyes on Bartimaeus Sequence for now.

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. you guys r god!

    also im sorry that night angel triology didn’t click for u :( though even i must admit the adult themes are a tad heavy handed.

    but now that i know what type of books you prefer, heres some lighter reading material which i think you will enjoy more!
    riftwar saga – very colourful world building, i quite liked it. though i haven’t really kept upto date on it totally as i didn’t find it my cup of tea after a while.
    earthsea quartet – watched the anime, watched the film, kinda forgotten the books, but it probably wont be that heavy compared to night angel (im pretty sure it was light material).

    here are a few transition books, in between light and heavy, you may find it’s your boundary but i’m pretty sure it’s at the edge of what you would like:
    tigana – beautiful book, something about it just made me feel emotionally involved, also ironically with the story, my memory of the story line is hazy. though i remember it being not that heavy, it has adult themes but isn’t slapping it across your face.
    the wheel of time – i’d say out of all the books i recommend, this 1 is a wildcard, it’s huge for starters, not everyones cup of tea, it is disgustingly boring for huge portion, yet i still keep reading, it has an epic story line which cant be argued, juuuuuust realllllly loooooong.
    the kingkiller chronicle – 1 of my favourite series of all time, isn’t heavy in terms of rape and torture, it’s probably 1 of the best written books in the genre. i really dont think any1 would not like this book, it’s just really really good.

    and if u ever want to test the waters on heavy fantasy books, i think this is probably the easiest one to start with:
    lies of locke lamora – just about a bunch of thieves, like oceans thirteen or something, but in a weird Venetian fantasy world, there is alot of violence, some sex, but it’s got a comedic overtone which lets it be lighter hearted than a truly heavy ass fantasy book.
    apparently there is a film development so you may want to watch that before u decide or something. (probably going to be a long time though)

    anyway i hope u find the time to read 1 of the books and just tell me if i hit the mark with it, because spreading love of books rarely happens with me and i want to actually succeed for once. ^^

  2. Just saw your Last Inning updates on Latest Releases. Become curious, so I checked it out and it is very good! I’ll get busy on this one while waiting for Diamond no Ace. Thanks a lot!

  3. I make a pilgrimage every day to this sacred place where we see the story of baby steps unfold in the English language. :)
    thanks a lot, again!

  4. You’re kinda like that family uncle that comes once in a blue moon, but always brings gifts for the kids so they love him anyway :D

    Btw, if I could be so bold as to suggest some fantasy series (of which I am an avid reader) I would suggest:

    -The Black Company, by Glenn Cook. It’s a dark military fantasy series following the life of a company of mercenaries, fighting FOR the villains :P

    -The Long Price Quartet, by Daniel Abrahams. Or how to make a fantasy series with almost no fantasy elements in it and still manages to be among the best fantasy series ever written.

    -Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. It’s a trilogy, and in my opinion Sanderson’s best work, at least till we get 1-2 more books of his Stormlight Archives. Actually, check every book he wrote, his worst work was his first and it’s still above average, and the magic system he invents are extremely well defined and inventive. Definitely my favorite author.

    Finally, in case you don’t know the site, check
    If it’s fantasy you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it there :D

  5. Wait…. you again? Come on, get a life! This way you’ll have twice more time to give us releases on various scanlations <3

    Thanks man

  6. Yay!! New chapter!! Thank you so much!!
    Btw, do you guys know if Baby Steps has any mini gachaphon figures in Japan by any chance (like the gazillions that One Piece has)? I searched for it in the usual import sites but nothing popped, would be really cool to have a mini Ei-chan on my bag as a motivator!

  7. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Thanks to the team for the fast releases, they are really appreciated.

  8. More goodness. Sad to hear you didn’t like the Night Watcher, if you don’t mind the somewhat mature nature of it, the pace of the story and the action scenes get really really addictive. But Bartholomeus is good too. Reminds me of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl Series.

  9. Hah! The day we get tired of you is the day blood stops pumping in our veins. Though I worry about the day we fans get married to you. Everyone knows that the little gifts stop appearing a bit into the marriage.

    So we will keep our virtue! But I will not deny that there is a chance we’ll all give it up if you keep plying us with Baby Steps. We’re good fans.

    But again, thank you for Baby Steps =)

  10. Thanks again. Really glad to hear that you’re going to smash out the rest of this match before you go back to a normal pace.

    1. Nothing dark… Well, I guess Prince of Thorns is out of the picture. The Painted Man (called The Warded Man in the US) as well… but you have to read it! It’s got kids as protagonists (to begin with) – it can’t possibly end badly, right? No, but seriously, I adore The Painted Man, you just have to read it.
      Otherwise, try The Lies of Locke Lamora – a really great series about a gentleman thief in a fantasy setting inspired by medieval Italy, but the slowness of the author is a problem. There’s some swearing, but nothing overly dark. There’s also plenty of comedy.

    keep up this pace (1-2 days) until at least only 1 volume left.
    it will be ultra awesome!!!

    thanks for the rapid release!
    we’re all looking forward to the next release!

  12. Thank you for the awesomeness! How much longer do we have to endure those annoying thick eyebrow supporter of Ide’s! Does it span 2 volumes long zomg. By the bartimaeus is a great trilogy. You gotta read them all 3+1 books. Then i can bet you will be rummaging thru the dark streets of the interwebs looking for fanfics.

  13. read from Maruo POV really make me hate Ide supporter(they are not bad though), and again cliff hanger puuffffff…

  14. OMG, Baby Steps is the best! It actually got me interested in playing tennis. I’m hooked now, but I love this manga even better.

  15. I love you guys… Seriously. I loved Baby Steps for the longest time and was uncertain with the future of this series due to the scanalations. I’m definitely going to donate to this site as I see you have other of my favorite series in your projects! :)

  16. Please continue at this pace. This is a fantastic series. If you need RAWs I have all the tankobons till 21 and files after that.

  17. Not reading this for 9 chapters was the best after all. I’m glad I pulled through that and got to read some much in one go :’)

  18. omg thanks , so many releases so suddenly it would be a shame if u suddenly dissappear in the middle of echans match XD

  19. Thanks for the rapid releases of this series. You are spoiling me to no end and I am loving it.

  20. You. Guys. Are. Awesome.
    Thanks a whole lot!
    (And enjoy Bartimaeus, it’s a great trilogy.)

  21. Yeah it’s betting pretty ann… Wait, a sec, I won’t fall for this! Anyway, thank you for your hard work!

  22. How exciting! Can’t believe the author is making a tennis match more tense than the fate of the world (as in so many other mangas!)! All hail the cliff-hanger king!

  23. first things first LordLestat u are not being annoying, if anythink i want to call u my god( was that to much) hahaha any ways thanks for another great release & ive said it before but i’ll say it again god this author knows how to make u want more lol thansk again guys loving the baby step releases :)

    1. oi oi, I didn’t give advice on how to get them, I just gave him a yaoi rape visual novel, not the same thing!

  24. Thank you guys, you are the best!
    I really appreciate the dedication and effort you put in your scanlations, not to mention their top notch quality!

  25. You guys are the best…are you sure you’re still alive after releasing so many chapters at once?

    Please pay attention to your health!

    Anyways, I digress, amazing work- keep it coming!

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