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Dayum! Chapter 150! That’s half of 300! That’s one third of 450! That’s… Okay, enough of this. So, I am here today to release chapter 150 of baby steps! I also checked out the series The Night Angel (novels), got them, but haven’t started reading them yet. I’ll let you guys know if I like it or not. Anyway.

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. feels like you guys at imangascans are giving us addicts some late christmas and new years presents with all those new chapters of baby steps.

    thanks a lot, you’re awesome.

  2. Thank you for the new chapter!! HAIL IMANGASCANS!! You guys are really awesome, thank you so much again for a new chapter of Baby Steps, the match is so tense!!

    And thanks for the book recommendation, going to check it out over the weekend. I thought ‘Legend’ by Marie Lu was a pretty nice book, short, sharp and interesting, give it a try, it’s a pretty zippy read.

  3. Talk about dragging out a match! this is taking forevvvvvveeeeeer to get through!! but Im still lovin every moment and these fast releases definitely help although I know this pace won’t last

    Can’t wait to see want happens next thanks and keep up the good work

  4. WOOOOO! So AWESOME! Two releases in two days, and jeez do I need something like this awesome match to lighten my day. It reminds me of so many things that are and have been going on.

  5. Awwww! Just finished reading it! It’s getting more and more awesome! Guys I love you! Please more! :)

  6. the mini cat fight (…or dog fight?) between araya and whats-his-face was hilarious :D. THANK YOU GUYS.

  7. Thanks for the chapter. The Night Angel Trilogy was pretty good on first read, just have to not think about everything too deeply

  8. Thank you for all of the releases. This series is great, and all of your hard work is appreciated.

  9. Do you guys ever stop giving? :) This flow is great, but can’t help grueling the moment when this trend stops and we all go into remission!

  10. Just as I thought, Nacchan comes in at the decisive time to give E-chan a boost. Tension is reaching its peak, can’t wait to see what happens.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  11. So I came to say thank you for chapter 149… And you give me chapter 150 instead. WOHO!

    Thank you all. Truly.

  12. There she is! But he seems to be handling well on his own. Perhaps the crowd will start rooting for him as well?

    Thanks for the fast releases!

  13. So I heard there’s this new rad thing called “taking a breather”, you might want to check on it…

    Thx for the fast releases, don’t burn out on us :D

  14. Thanks again. Haha, you know, now people are gonna expect frequent releases at least until the end of the match.

  15. cool more baby steps thanks guys :) just red the chap & all i can say is COME ON, god the author knows how to leave it on good clif-hangers lol now i really cant wait to see the next chap, its gonna kill me hahaha but all the same thanks for the release any ways guys :)

  16. On and I stopped reading the Night Angel Trilogy long ago to instead focus on Game of Thrones :p

    1. I don’t like Game of Thrones, too many characters and I want something light to read, not some gazillions characters and politics and shit like that :p

    2. Believe me, by the end there won’t be any characrters left. They won’t stop dying!:S Awsome series though!

  17. Thanks for the release.
    Night Angel Trilogy was a decent read.
    Although it suffers from a too powerful main character and (in my opinion) a bit too much violence (lots of torture and raping there ~_~).

    1. One has to say though that no raping was described in detail though as far as I remember.
      Just read the part that describes the main chars early childhood gives a pretty good impression where the whole series is headed. ^^
      And I have to add, the violence was not on a level that kept me from finishing it.
      But, if you havent read it yet, I can recomend the Mistborn trilogy
      by Brandon Sanderson. Features a dark setting with a different approach on magic. And is better than the Night Angel series anyway. :p

  18. Wov, sneaking in two chapters under my nose… You guys are fast! Thanks! This supposedly long match will come to an end quite soon with such release pace:)

  19. Awesome chapter, thanks you! I want to see the next chapter so much now >.<

    This manga is so awesome! One of the best ever!

    Thanks you to translating it!

  20. Please! More Baby Steps!
    I found the raw of the chap 246! Dx!
    I can’t wait to read it! hahaha

    Greeting from South America, Chile!

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