Baby Steps – Ch149



Well hello everyone, this was supposed to be released yesterday but I was really busy so it had to wait to today. Nevertheless, it’s here now and everyone shall rejoice and acclaim my genius for releasing it! *Cough* Moving on, if you want some light fantasy to read (in actual books), I’d suggest you to read The Ranger’s Apprentice. It has something along 11 small novels, like I said it’s really light reading, but I enjoy it a lot. Anyway.

Enjoy this new chapter of Baby Steps!

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  1. much appreciate the translations i love this manga. i hope i am not being rude when i say this but when you say keeps the more tennis terms is actually a hold of serve or just a simple hold. sorry if you think i am being rude to correct you on that thx for the hard work!!!

  2. thanks for da release!

    also if u up for heavy ass fantasy reading;
    game of thrones, the painted man, the night angel series, the way of kings, the lightbringer series. i have read alot more to recommend but i wont swamp u down! if u make a comment asking for more i will be happy to oblige :)

  3. Thank you very much indeed, it is always a great pleasure getting to read so many chapters so quickly. And if they’re done as well as these, even more so.

  4. Thanks so much.

    If you’re after heavy reading (and I mean heavy in a more emotional sense – our hero’s absolutely villainous) I cannot recommend Prince of Thorns and its follow-up King of Thorns enough. Currently though, I’m reading The Air War.

  5. Thanks again for the release.
    And yeah Rangers Apprentice is a good light read, but they don’t last long enough :(

    One of the better ones I’ve read in the last few years was probably Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. I literally could not put that book down, think I ended up finishing it about 5 the next the morning :/

  6. Thanks for the update,
    I love Ranger’s Apprentice too! Started it since middle school, and I am still following it.

  7. dam cant wait to see whats gonna happen, is the next chap gonna be the end of the match or is there gonna b a few more, its 1 of them for me. i cant wait to see how its all going to go. kick his ass e-chan lol good chap tho, looking forward to next 1 now hahaha but thanks for all the hard work & time you’ve put into this for us guys & we all love ya for it :)

  8. Haha Already read rangers apprentice :P Good suggestion for guys looking for a enjoyable light read.

    I suggest you try The Eagle series by Simon Scarrow after finishing RA.

    Thnx for the release. Enjoyed it alot. Cant wait for the finale for this match

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