15 thoughts on “My Doll House Ch15”

  1. (Posting like this because there’s no Reply button on georgi’s reply to me.)

    Every chapter of this manga has 16 pages. And looking at scans of the original… Page 15 of this chapter shows Arisu topless, stepping out into the hot spring baths, and page 16 shows her getting an erection when she discovers a strange woman already in the baths.

    1. those two are part of the next chapter (18 pages), or at least that’s how we’ll release it

    2. Technically, yes they do belong to chapter 15.
      But the raw provider divided the chapter differently, which is the way we will release at it.

    1. There ARE missing two pages. I have some shitty tankoubon scans, and they show up. Even in the contents page ch16 starts 22 pages after ch15.

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