Nyotai-Ka V2 Ch17-24 & V3 Ch12

!creditGood Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Everything-in-between. I’ll keep this short, but please read carefully, as I’ve got some bad news (thought I imagine it could be good news to some).

Nyotai-Ka is dropped. If you are a scanlator and are interested, please go ahead and pick it up.

We started work on Nyotai-Ka roughly one year ago, though it was more of lending a helping hand than anything. Now, a year later, we have decided that this is as far as we go. Thank you for reading so far, but from now on Nyotai-Ka will need a new home. We usually don’t like dropping a series, but there isn’t really any point to keep doing it when nobody in the team really likes it anymore. Let us hope that another scanlator soon picks up from where we left off.

As a final parting gift, we bring you the retouched version of Volume 2, as well as the last chapter of Volume 3

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15 thoughts on “Nyotai-Ka V2 Ch17-24 & V3 Ch12”

  1. Well I just finished Vol. 1 after recently discovering this, and it’s been pretty fun so far. (Was afraid it would go all futa for a second though) Sorry to hear you’re dropping it, but thanks for finishing up the latest volume, I’ll make sure to check it out!

  2. Damn! I think you guys start, then drop more mangas than you actually translate! Can’t you stick with something until the end?

    1. When was the last time you said “thank you” for a Nyotai-ka release? I thought so. Any other questions?

  3. Does this mean that you guys now have more time for Diamond no Ace? Thanks for your hard work as always!

    1. Well, the people working on DnA aren’t really the same, but I guess essentially speaking, yeah, there should be more time for other projects in general.

    2. TBH, I think Daiya no Ace is going to be dropped soon as well. I don’t think any of their redrawers/cleaners are interested in it, which is pretty much the hold up apparently.

    3. If I’m wrong and it’s something like needing money for Tankoubons, I’m definitely willing to donate for the next 10 or so.

    4. nah, it’s not money…. but donate anyway :P
      Well for DnA, nah, I don’t think we’ll drop it. Lestat is a big fan, and I’ve promised to proof it. You’re right, though, at the moment, cleans/redraws are the hold-up from what I am told.

  4. I gave it a try, but found the manga a tad (actually more than a tad) strange… Anyway, new year new goals, so a spring cleaning is usually good. :)

    Thanks again for the last chapter of Baby Steps, Ide was pretty cool in it!

  5. Bummer, but it is hard to work on something you’re no longer interested in. Anyways, thanks for your hard work! :D


    T_T why are you so cruel?

    could you check volume 3 chapter 12, coz it’s not showing.

    thank you ImangaScans for all the work you’ve done

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