Baby Steps – Ch148



And here comes another one for all of you people reading Baby Steps. I must say, I was surprised by the number of comments we had on the last released, reaching up to 47 by the time I write this post. Anyway, we thought we could keep up this pace a bit longer and here comes chapter 148!

Enjoy this new chapter!

65 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch148”

  1. Thank you so so much for a new chapter of Baby Steps today! I was struggling with something today, and wanted to quit so badly, but seeing Ei-chan gave me the motivation and perseverance to keep trudging along, one little step at a time! Thank you Imangascans!!!

  2. Man, you must have posted this release 5 minutes after I left for work. Damn having to work for a living! Thanks for the release.

  3. I know this pace can’t last, but I’m loving it while it does. Thanks for all the releases :D

  4. I go to sleep early for once and yet I wake up with a headache, on of the crappiest ways to wake up… AND NOW IT’S GONE WITH THE WIND! More Baby Steps makes everything better!

  5. One of my top 5 manga I’m currently reading…please keep spoiling us! Love the work you with this series.

  6. Baby steps is awesome and you guys are awesome! Please keep up with at least 1 chapter a week!

  7. Yay more baby steps! I hope the end is near i cant stand the crowd anymore arghhh! Ei chan please win quick!!

  8. Thanks so much. I guess everyone’s a little pissed off at the crowd and would like to see the end of this match sooner.

  9. Thx for the fast releases! And can someone tell Eiichiro to let his racket “slip” into Ide’s face?

  10. cool more baby steps thanks alot guys i mean it :) baby steps knows how to keep u wanting more lol i just want e-chan to win now hahaha altho i do like how the author goes into details of e-chan on these sorts of long matches for example: how u see him learn from hes battles on the cort as he goes, i think thats 1 of the reasons i like this manga. shows u how hard he works u know, not like prince of tennis(which i do like lol) where they have all these silly moves. any ways ive think ive said to much hahaha so 1 last time thanks for the new chap guys :)

  11. Thank you for the release. You people are doing a great job with this manga, awesome quality all around. Big thumbs up.

  12. omg i love you, baby steps is such an awesome manga.
    it actually keeps true to its sport, unlike many other sport mangas, notably kuroko no basket

  13. I was like: “Probably nothing new on the imangascans page, but it’s the daily routine…” And then: BOOM! New chapter! Pretty nice surprise:)

  14. Blah we are being spoiled again. I fear a monthish period of deprivation coming again. I’d rather have biweekly or once a week than that again. Still…. Being spoiled briefly is also nice. Thanks for the release

  15. you sure you want to spoil us so much? xD later a lot of the people will complain when you get back to a normal pace :p

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