Baby Steps – Ch147

!BabyStepsHello everyone! So today being a new day and after that late gift, we thought, here at iMangascans, why not give them more, since that’s what they want anyway! So here we are, giving you more of baby steps for your enjoyment! So leave a comment if you are happy about it!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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  1. Thank you so much. Baby Steps is the most frustrating manga to get slow releases on. I can’t hold anything against you and you’re awesome either way, but it’s still frustrating not to get releases.

  2. well i for 1 am very happy about having more baby steps to read so thanks guys for working so hard for us baby step fans :)

  3. Thx you IMangaScans for your hard work on this series!! And can someone bring an orchestra of vuvuzelas, I think it’s more bearable than having to deal with this kind of audience -.-

  4. thanks once again for babysteps. you guys are probably the only ones i actually reply back to thank, which is a testament to how awesome you guys are.

  5. Thank you so much for another chapter of Baby Steps!! Everyone at Imangascans is Awesome!! Go Nacchan! Go Ei-chan!

  6. Yo- You guys… You’re gonna make me choke up. A triple release and then even more a few days later!? To hell with over the moon. At this rate I can just power straight through it.

    Bless you all!

    1. i think they know how frustrating it is to be stuck seeing that smug look on ide’s fanboys

  7. really annoyed at the crowd for being a fan boys so much!!! In the end i know nacchan will will give him a flying kiss and maruo gets his adrenalin pumped up and take the set game match!

    1. I do keep up with the raw releases and read ahead, but for the sanity of the rest of the community, please no spoilers.

  8. thanks for the chapter again im so excited e chan to get through everything with natsu cheering ^^

  9. Thanks for the release! I freaking hate the crowd though. To who do they owe the fact that the game was even possible?! I feel like Nacchan will help him in the end! (I hope).

    1. Thanks for the release.
      I know when having a crowed against you it is harder to concentrate. Love it how it is shown here, but hate it that is against lead man of the story.

      Also hope that Nacchan can encourage him somehow.

    2. Does seem like the perfect stage for Nacchan to come in and cheer loudly against the crowd without getting intimidated.

      Thanks for the chapter.

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