Nyan Koi Ch32

Hi folks! So here’s chapter 32 of Nyan Koi. Enjoyable chapter, I guess… had its funny moments, its cute moments, etc… Please welcome wana10 to the team! He’ll be translating the series.
Let’s hope for more chapters to come!

Note: a bit of an oopsie on the credit page… raw is from Comic Meteor – they merged with Flex.

21 thoughts on “Nyan Koi Ch32”

  1. I’m glad to see that Nyan-koi is back to being translated. Question though, are honorifics no longer being included or were there just a lack of them in this chapter? (Did I miss the point where Mizuno refers to Kousaka without -kun and such?)

  2. Really!!! wow!! thanks.. I’ve been waiting Ages for Nyan Koi.. I was really Devastated when it came to a Hiatus years ago.. Then I don’t know what happened If there was no translator or it was still on hiatus.. but Thank You Real Bad!!! Whoooooo!!!

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