13 thoughts on “Fantasista Ch131”

  1. Thanks for the release! Are you planning to start releasing Player Kill soon? Would appreciate it! :)

  2. Hello dear translators. I do not know where to write, so I write here. A very long time you was translate a manga “Shinakoi”. You’ll do it again? We, the Heisei, manga translate from English to Russian. We value your translations. Except you no one no longer translates this manga. Please T_T Help, translate this manga T_T

    1. I hate to say, Sorry we no longer work on it. It was done by oldest staff members which not around anymore. I believe we will not pick it up again :/ sorry again

  3. YES best thing today. i check everyday for this manga…

    thank you for the release!!

    and yeah i agree it always seems too short T_T

    1. The chapters do feel like there should be a few more pages. In the words of Walt Disney “Always leave them wanting more”.

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