Uchuu Kyoudai Ch66

So busy, so busy… hope you guys are fired up for Thanksgiving. I know I’m not, since I’m Canadian, lol.
This chapter was kind of predictable, I find. There is a little bit of mystery at the end, but overall it feels more like a transition chapter.

6 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Ch66”

  1. Thanks for translating! I like following the manga because the anime is extremely slow for some reason.

    1. It should be out soon, but we’ve been a bit busy lately. Chapter is proofed and ready to be typeset, but it might only be out this weekend

  2. Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist here in New Zealand. But we have a volcano erupting at the moment, so we are ‘fired up’ about that…
    Thanks for the release, as always your work is appreciated.

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