Baby Steps Ch139

Yo. So a Baby Steps on a Sunday for a change. Welcome CraN who will be typesetting Baby Steps. I don’t really remember what happens in this chapter, so I’ll leave it to you to find out. Discuss below or on other forums or wherever you end up reading it. Enjoy~

19 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch139”

  1. I t seems the author wants to demonstrate that Eichan can fight on par with Ide in his optimal condition, that is with the crowd cheering for him.
    Thanks for the release!

  2. woot thanks for the chap, twice in a week is a new record this time of the year ( exam season? ) XD

  3. Doesn’t the crowd have any sympathy for Ei-chan?! This game wouldn’t be happening unless someone with equal level of compassion and heart was the opponent. This seems like a forced hurdle that the author put. Regardless, this looks like it’ll be an interesting chapter!

    Thanks for the release

    1. I don’t know, big stories tend to overshadow everything else for most people so I could see how most of the neutrals could be on Ide’s side.

      Thanks for the chapter Imangascans!

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