Baby Steps – Ch138

Alright, so it was supposed to be released yesterday, but the uploaded file wasn’t the good one so I couldn’t do my job, but it has been fixed and here it is for you guys. Anyway, that’s that, a huge build up for the next game.

Enjoy this new chapter!

27 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch138”

  1. guys, if releasing baby steps is a bit burden, why not co-operate with another manga scanlation groups, for example your friend, red hawk scanlation (who scans many manga including knim)
    and btw, why not release it faster, i mean it’s a hot manga, it’s from shonen magazine (the same as knim,fairy tail,ippo,etc).
    how could another hot manga from the same comic released so fast but this one not?
    and btw, thanks for the release.

  2. I really like it how the thing with Natsu didn’t turn out so mangaish. (Ei-chan hiding it forever.)

    Thank you for bringing us the awesomeness!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. For once we didn’t get the “we have to hide it because it’s gonna ruin your career song”.

    2. I completely agree. Natsu is straightforward about it, Eiichirou is a bit awkward and everyone else either thinks they already were dating or that they should be dating. No big drama, just another step for both of them.

      It ties in beautifully with the “beach” episode which despite a romantic starlight setting had Ei-chan at his most confused and awkward. So realistic.

  3. Yeah, Thanks for the new chapter! I haven’t read it yet, but i bet you did a great job!

    1. Dude, first of all we are talking about baby steps here and nothing else. And second: You know they are translating it for free? So please be at least a little more polite when you ask your questions – and if they take a lot of time translating and editing your free chapters, at least have the time to post your comment in the correct section.

    2. Way too agressive, he was just asking about it. And it apparently isn’t free, you forget that over 800 have been donated, mostly for Baby Steps if I might add.

    3. I don’t get why you’re bringing up the donations as if we are scanlating for money :/ That money is just to cover our costs, and “mostly for Baby Steps” is entirely wrong. It’s mostly for the server :/ Baby steps is just one of the many series for which we purchase raws.

      DnA is late because of staff issues. Typesetter had gone missing, or rather, had exams or assignments or something like that. Silly students… It will be out when it’s out.

    4. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that. The donations were made mostly by people who want to read Baby Steps.

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