18 thoughts on “Welcome to the El-Palacio – Ch27”

  1. Hi, thanks for the chapter.

    I noticed while reading chapter 17, on page 14 it mentions a “carpenter’s fight”, but when did this fight occur, if at all?

    I don’t think there are any missing chapters or anything, so your answer would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for the response. It was my fault; apparently I unknowingly skipped some chapters. I would have known it sooner if this manga wasn’t so… Episodic? I don’t know. But basically, one doesn’t need to read the previous chapters to know what’s gonna happen in the next one.

      Sorry if I’m not clear, and thank you.

    1. Metal Heart is a bit on hold for the moment. It’s not really a lack of a translator or raws or anything like that, we’re just focusing on other projects at the moment. There’s also Fantasista, Bowling King, Player Kill, DnA… and lots of others. We try to work on series fairly but sometimes we just have to make a decision and ignore some for a while, sadly.

  2. It seems you posted the wrong manga. You meant to put up Baby Steps, as you said the other day.. Need my fix.

  3. Having high hopes after the last chapter… what a noob :P Also, thanks for the El-Palacio dose. Much appreciated.

  4. Orayyy!
    thank’s for the release! This is my favorite harem manga, you really my day much better!
    May i ask you- did this manga already completed in Japan?

  5. more teasing about his past but nothing more actually revealed!

    is the girl in his dream who it is hinted she is or just someone with a similar personality (and hair colour) ??

    probably nothing more until this arc is resolved

    until then back to the over the top fun that this series does so well

    thanks again.

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