New Project – Swing Style Ch01

Another Yui Toshiki project. Because we have no self control… well no, actually, we’ve been planning on releasing that one for quite a while now.
Anyway, there you have it. Hope you like it.

Also expect some nice releases in the next few days. I know a lot of you are waiting.

WARNING: This is MATURE content

12 thoughts on “New Project – Swing Style Ch01”

  1. interesting story.. reflects real life situations too.. nice artwork and will surefire twists around the corner.. will stay in tune :D

    1. The people who did this aren’t necessarily the same people who work on baby steps. But this kind of comment annoys me the most for some reason :/

  2. Well, I sure was entertained throughout the first chapter. The “swinging couple” thing seemed fun. On the other hand, I got the impression that this series may have a decent plot with room for an interesting development. First, the dialogue at the end of the chapter, which suggests the husband is a cunning and apparently a corrupting person. And second, it seems the daughter will eventually find out about her parent’s devious practices…

    Definitely looking forward to next chapter and thanks for the awesome work!

    1. I really enjoy your analysis bro! Will wait for your comment next time!

      Though next time another woman will be introduced, Reiko will be back in ch3.

  3. Haha lol, this is rare for a non-H manga mmm…
    well it’s not like I hate it but I didn’t really believe that actually the “swing” means that way at first haha mmm…
    btw thanks for the release mmm…

    1. among other toshiki yui things – quite realistic, isn’t it? no futanari aliens, no feromone monsters, no angels of desire. everyone is just normal.

    2. You really need to do something about that stuck ‘m’ key, it makes your posts look a little retarded.

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