13 thoughts on “Kimiiro Focus Ch40(End)”

  1. nope. . definitely not an ending at all.. and almost no plot development.. just lots of random going around taking pictures of naked chicks.. lol.. loved the artwork on the memorable shots though.. such a shame

  2. not even sure what happened there. … I mean, is that even an ending??

    Smells like early cancellation to me, as last chapter there wasn’t any sign of an imminent ending.

    Oh well, like others here, I enjoyed the story up till now. Thanks for all the scanlations.

  3. Thank you so much for all the hard work you done this series. i little sad to see it end so soon considering the harem theme it could have gone on forever. but all good things must come to end right? Anyway thank you again for scanning this series.

  4. What!?!? This series ended?
    Thanks for the hard work and will be waiting to see if you guys are gonna be picking up a new project. :D

  5. Yeah, I’m with serph wondering if this series was cancelled or not, as the ending just seemed to come out of nowhere and a lot of plot points brought up earlier in the series were never explored or resolved.

    Still, it was a pretty enjoyable series overall and I really appreciate all the work you guys did for it. I’ll definitely be looking forward to your release of the tank scans so I’ll be able to archive in higher quality.

    Would you guys be at all interested in finishing up his earlier series, “Puripuri”?It was licensed here in the states, but they only released 7 volumes (of 11 total), and I doubt we’ll ever see the remainder put out so my one hope is that some group will pick it up to finish.

  6. Was this manga cancelled? such a tasteless ending, it was not a bad ending it simply felt like any regular chapter. Thank you for your work on this manga.

  7. Didn’t expect this to be over this soon. Oh well, another series graduating from my reading list…

    Congratulations and thanks for finishing this series! :D

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