Mini Mass Release Done by Me For You!

Hello everyone! So here I am, making a small mini mass release, with 3 chapters of Atori, 1 of Kuroko no Basket and 1 of Diamond no Ace. What for? I don’t know, felt like it! I’m sad that my headset broke down and just bought a new one, so I should receive it in the few days, hopefully before the weekend, because no sound sucks!

Enjoy these new chapters!

Atori Shou Chapter 24-26

Diamond no Ace Chapter 91

Kuroko no Basket Chapter 144 and 184

20 thoughts on “Mini Mass Release Done by Me For You!”

  1. You spoil us, you really do. THANK YOU SO MUCH! =D
    Hopefully your headset arrives soon! =)

  2. diamond no ace needs a one big release in one go lol just like with baby steps.. i like baby steps and diamond no ace, and they’re in the top of the pyramid for me when it comes to sports manga.. thanks for the diamond no ace relase.. thank you guys keep up the good work

  3. Just out of curiosity, why do people like Kuro so much? I don’t get it, seems kinda vapid basketball as far as I read it. Don’t mind me, just find it difficult to like.


    1. Beats me, never read it. I probably wouldn’t like it, but I don’t like shounen in general so whatever

    2. I cannot be bothered with it either, but Diamond no Ace is a solid sports manga and Atori is interesting and a bit offbeat. What I like about this group is that they release enough of a variety that on any given week there is something worth reading. This week in general has been like finding a treasure trove of material. Hats off to everyone involved.

    3. Just to clarify, I’m following Baby Steps, Diamond no Ace, and Fantasista at the moment so I’m enjoying a lot of what the group’s doing. Just couldn’t get into Kuroko.

      Thanks for everything, people

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