Wonder Baby Steps!?

I would like to announce that Baby Steps will no longer be released “every Monday”. This is due to the fact that our staff have become busier as of late. As of now, Baby Steps will be released irregularly whenever a script is ready. We apologize for this but, on the bright side, the holiday is around the corner, which will enable us to pick up the release pace of Baby Steps.

Uchuu Kyoudai Ch61

It’s another chapter for you guys! As usual, there was some humour in this chapter, but what I really liked was the words of wisdom. I’m a bit of an existentialist, so stuff like that always gets to me. I picked up this habit of writing down quotes I like, and it’s always nice looking back on them, because it makes me remember how I felt when reading or watching something. Anyway, yeah, this chapter had a quote I wrote down. Enjoy~