21 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch129”

  1. Thx for the chapter Finally the game is over .. Although a match with 15 chapters was too long for me, a little tedious in the end

  2. Great match, can’t wait to see how he analyses it to improve further. As the proverb goes “Smooth seas never made a great sailor”. :)

    But what really surprised and moved me was the conversation between Iwasa and Ei-chan at the end. I have finally found the thing I want to do in my life and it is a constant struggle everyday, so the conversation between them truly resonated like no other.

    Thank you so very much to you guys (and the mangaka) for Baby Steps!

  3. The outcome of the match was sort of expected. He just have to have some luck now. (Btw everyone trying to comfort him really sucks:P)

    Well, thank you for the release!

  4. Waaah! I feel bad for Ei-chan. He trained do hard and yet he lost to Araya again. Well, this means he just needs to tran even harder if he wishes to beat Nabae-.

    1. This is not the regionals but the prefectural tournament.The first 4 of this tournament go to the regionals(kanto) and then i think the first 4 in the regional tournament go to the nationals tournament.

  5. This was a nice chapter with a lot of character development but it still sort of burns that he lost to Araya AGAIN. E-chan losing at this point makes sense and sets it up for future victories in big matches but, as E-chan himself showed this chapter, it doesn’t hurt any less. Now that he is unseeded, he’ll have to go through several top players in the next tournament so it is *cough*convenient*cough* for the story.

    As always, thank you for these scantlations.

  6. And it’s over…with the expected result but now recognized as one of the regions’ top players. Loved the sketch of the fierce strong player he has become. Also the subtle but important step up in Natsu’s approval. Now he must focus on taking the remaining steps to winning the Nationals.

    Thanks again to the scanlation group.

  7. Finally o.0….. You tortured me so…. I felt like I was locked inside an Imangascans van without food or water for days while undergoing unspeakable tortures inside the van…

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