Dethrone Ch02

Warning: you are likely to find this manga enjoyable for the plot. I loved this chapter! Really, really, really nice. Just can’t get enough of this guy’s art. Hopefully we’ll also have some Atori for you soon. And for those of you who notice, first of all, congratulations. Second, nah, we used it on purpose because that typo was just too hilarious. Anyway, enjoy~

Uchuu Kyoudai Ch50

Another funny chapter. Frankly, I’m also curious about the same thing as Mutta. Maybe next chapter will tell us more. Also, heh, a nice round chapter number, so Mutta’s dad has nothing to complain about.

On a separate note, not sure if you noticed, but we made some changes to the reader. When you go on the front page, the list of series is no longer alphabetical, but ordered by popularity. It’s interesting to see which of our series people like to read, but I guess there’s no surprise about the two at the top.