28 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch127”

  1. Maybe you guys could pick up Hajime no ippo, since the people currently translating it can’t seem to push out more than 5 chapters a year.

  2. Just when I thought Ei-chan was about to crumble, a small ray of hope appears at the end. Go! Ei-chan!

  3. This has been an awesome match and only continues to get better as it comes down to the wire. Another great chapter… tyvm for all your hard work on these.

  4. Thank you very much for Baby Steps, and have a good week ahead!
    You go Ei-chan! All your hard work in training is paying off at the crucial moment! I really love this manga – it’s believable and awesome!

  5. awesome e chan is going to learn how to use instinct :D, all that muscle memory is about to be useful soon

    1. Ruggia…. I can’t tell if your saying tis by far the longest or there is a far longer one to come….. o.0…. The latter would be annoying.

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