Nyan Koi Ch31

A new chapter of Nyan Koi!
Always happy when we get one of those. We are in need of a translator for Nyan Koi, so please apply if you are interested. We don’t expect there to be heavy workload, but we need someone who can solely focus on Nyan Koi. Thanks to cmertb who helped us out with this release.

20 thoughts on “Nyan Koi Ch31”

  1. So is there a large backlog of untranslated chapters, or did it really take the better part of the year for the author to put out another chapter?

  2. i’ve been looking forward for this chapter ^^. it was awesome. Well Nyankoi! is my favorite manga after all. I wish I could help you out with translating, but i don’t know any japanese… ): I BEG YOU DON’T DROP NYANKOI! TT_TT. It became part of my life!

  3. Great work!

    On a side note, they really REALLY need to make a season 2 for this. It was one of my favorite animes :/

    1. I sec…third that? Really liked the anime, but I guess with the Manga being put on hold for I think because of the Mangaka’s health problems there really isn’t enough content to get a second season. Hopefully if the manga starts getting regular releases again we’ll see a second season.

      I just realised I’ve only watched the anime not read the manga.

  4. Please don’t drop it! D:

    I’m willing to help try to translate, but I’m not that good with difficult kanji.

  5. What a wonderful surprise, a new chapter of Nyan Koi. Although it’s disheartening that the series is unbearably slow. Nonetheless, many thanks for the release!

  6. Holy cow, Nyan Koi. I thought the author gave up. Thanks for the release, although I’ll die a little inside if nobody ends up translating it.

    1. frankly I’m not sure what the author is planning to do :/ I mean, I love the manga, but author is dead slow, and even started a new series now

    2. Will you guys be doing the other series as well?
      (Please. :P)

      @profound sadness: Nyan Koi author has been on the brink of death, it seems, for quite a long time, and has only recently recovered. I can’t remember what his release schedule was before his sickness, but I think it was monthly. Atm, he’s releasing every… 9 months?
      I’m confident he’ll start picking the speed back up as time goes on.

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