Fantasista – Ch130

Well everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve released something, was quite taken with something… I’ll mention what on the next release in a few minutes. As for this chapter, well it’s quite a cliffhanger we got there.

Enjoy this new chapter!

4 thoughts on “Fantasista – Ch130”

  1. This is my favorite manga scanlated by you guys (maybe Baby Steps as well). You really need to get a few more team members together to publish more of this in the future! I know you all have real life to take care of so why not just put more people on this project :D.

    I’ve found a site with raws for several volumes and it’s definitely not lacking content (I didn’t read them as I don’t want to ruin the story, but there are several volumes left).

  2. So their opponent has parked the bus at the top of the box while leaving a floater as a threat, eh? Time to bring on Baba and adjust their tactics to bring even more pressure on the defense!
    Love how this manga shows the variety of methods available to a modern football team.

    And again thank you for the release.

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