23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch125”

  1. Thank you so much for another chapter of Baby Steps!
    Green is my favourite colour now… everytime I see green when the home page loads, it means new Baby Steps! =)

  2. thanks man, I understand how you feel XD I work three jobs and barely have the time to do much… so Im truly thankful you found the time for this :D

  3. Reading this and keeping up with the US Open final, Both matches so close!!! Have to support the underdog in both cases, Come On Murrey, Come on E-chan.

  4. And the fans are getting their money’s worth on this match — both the ones on the page and the readers out here.

    Thank you again to the scanlation team.

  5. hahaha thats 1 thing this manga is good at is geting more climactic & leaving u wanting more lol thanks for the new chap looking forward to friday :)

  6. Nice little glimpse in E-chan’s character. Also, the author did a really good job at building the tension, impressive.

  7. Thank you for the release! Can’t wait for Friday and the next Monday and probably a few more days till we have the conclusion:D

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