Baby Steps Ch124

Here a Friday mean another chapter of Baby Steps! Enjoy. Thank you for donations and almost we reach the goal of target.

Ps. whoever asked about first 3 chapters, we were plans it but somehow we decide no longer do it. we should move forward.

14 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch124”

  1. Awesome stuff, I really want this in takabon volumes in english… Like I’d buy each one seriously, but looks like learning japanese fluently and buying japan versions would be easier since I doubt US will release this :(

  2. Woah, this has been a really packed week. Thanks! :D

    Also, it looks like you missed putting chapter 123 in the download section.

  3. I don’t mean now, but, when you’re closer to Japan (i.e. you’re the 1 or 2 volumes behind that you want to be at), the first three chapters could be something to work on. For now, definitely, we want new chapters not old. And thank you.

  4. Damn! The final set will sure be a tough battle. Let the best player win the tournament!
    And thanks for the chapter!

  5. Sweet! I just saw that you released a chapter in the middle of the week too. Greatly appreciated!:)

    1. The groups announced intention to push quickly to the ****mild spoiler/teaser alert*****

      beach episode has definitely been a huge benefit to all of the Baby Steps fans. Even at their normal two per week rate we are getting far more than is normally produced by scanlation teams. HUGE round of applause to all involved.

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