Baby Steps Ch123

As thank you for reach 60% of donation, 40% more to go. I wish we could provide entire volume, but if we did then poor soul staff members will get killed. I believe we have good steady pace of Baby Steps since in Japan release 1 chapter per week, but we give you instead 2-3 chapters per week, which its good pace for us. Remember WE NOT GOING TRY TO UP-TO-DATE IN JAPAN BECAUSE WE LIKE KEEP 2-3 VOLUMES BEHIND SO WE CAN KEEP BUY A TANKOBON(BOOK VOLUME) INSTEAD MAGAZINE TO PROVIDE YOU IN BETTER QUALITY.


20 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch123”

  1. Definitely one of my favorite mangas of all time, thanks guys, they need to make this into an anime

  2. Thank you so much for Baby Steps! I really appreciate that you guys decided to do this manga, otherwise I would never have the chance to know and read this awesome gem of a manga, and which has been an inspiration to me. Thank you very much again for all your hard work on Baby Steps!

  3. My thanks as always… You guys release what ever you want, at whatever pace suits you. We don’t have any rights to complain or rant, (not that most of us do). Your work is always appreciated.

  4. Thanks for he chapter!
    Don’t worry about your pace, it’s perfect! We are already pretty lucky to have you release chapters that often.

  5. Aw yeah, I love you.

    Speaking of better quality, what do you guys think about re-doing the first 3 chapters of Baby Steps?

  6. guys u do what u thinks best, im just glad to b able to read this great manga, without u guys i wud never have know about it lol so thanks for all the hard work u do for us :)

  7. Thanks a lot for the chapter!

    @crazytony: 9 volumes to go ;)
    last published volume : vol.22 (ch. 202-211)
    last magazine chapter scanned : ch. 223

    1. Typos FTW! That or Imangascan’s van can take them into the future to get chapters before the volumes are released. Haha, nahhhhh let’s just go with 223 should be 123.

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