Uchuu Kyoudai Volume 5

The whole third exam arc finally wraps up. The outcome was perhaps a bit surprising, but then again maybe not so much. I loved it when Mu-kun went to the cinema, and there were also a few more of his typical jokes that made this volume enjoyable. I hope you guys enjoy it :) With this volume, we have once again surpassed the anime (since yeah, we were technically ahead of the anime before it started airing)

Oh yeah, mission completed? Kajii was so fired up lol. Thank you very much for your support with donations! It feels really great to know that so many people were willing to help us out.

Uchuu Kyoudai Chapter 39 – 48

21 thoughts on “Uchuu Kyoudai Volume 5”

  1. why do I feel like if you set your goal donations to 5,000 dollars … you would have probably achieved it this month …you guys are amazing … finally I can enjoy reading space brothers and be ahead of the anime .. the way god intended it.

  2. Sorry, no more challenges maybe next time :) but we are REALLY appreciate for donations! we will keep going with releases

  3. You topped 50% o.0…. I challenge you to release a Volume of Baby Steps and DnA o.0….. but well thats to much for the Imanga crew without abducting people in their Imangascans van :P…. So perhaps just Baby Steps.

  4. As much as I love this manga. I would have preferred a volume of Baby Steps XD….. I feel trolled, but in a very very good way o.0….

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