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  1. Hmm… 33% of yearly goal met. Donation progress looking good? Just hope you guys don’t run into the same problem Chihiro had with the ridiculous donation burst they had.

    1. It wouldn’t happen to us since we don’t use donations for personal, only goes for server and raw. That’s our policy.

    2. Chihiro was doing the same thing, donations went to server maintenance and such. The problem they had was they had a flood of donations (too many in a short period of time) where paypal froze the money until the money was refunded due to “suspicious activity” from the massive influx of money. Even if there is absolutely no proof, they may freeze donations and your access to them if they even remotely suspect money laundering and stuff along those lines.

    3. Worst part is, in addition to refund ALL of the donations over the course of a week (which ended up being 100 total transactions) they had to pay $0.50 per refund costing them $50 they had to recover. IIRC they switched to a different type of donation standard and managed to recoup the burden in addition to receiving enough funds to support costs, but the debacle occurred over one-two months, at which point they had to cover all of the costs out of pocket until they could get it all sorted out.

    4. hm yeah I’ve heard of similar stories. I hope it doesn’t happen to us, because that would really suck :( I mean, there are other ways to collect money… like what bakabt does; I think there was this thing where you pay something every month and decide which causes to give money to etc. I hope we won’t need to go there, though.

  2. lol at Araya releasing his anger at the sky. It seems he really learned how to control himself during a match.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Challenging Imangascans… what a foolish little guy…:)

    Thank you for the chapter! The omake at the end is quite a good one:)

  4. Thanks for always doing an amazing job with the scans. Keep up the great work guys, I’ll definitely support you as long as the quality of work remains high.

    – Eric

  5. Just donated too, can’t wait to see what comes out tomorrow. I’m hoping for Baby Steps or more Kuroko NB.

  6. let me you remind, i said what series, so clearly baby steps is not one of it

    and who handle the donation are sleeping right now, mostly of us are in EST.

    Time for me go to bed~ look forward on tomorrow

    1. lol I donated too to push it up to 25% Guessing when it does update it’s going to be a tad over, might be the reason why they made it slow to update hmmm? :D

  7. LOL at the challenge accepted picture.

    And thanks for another chapter of Baby Steps! The omake was so cute and funny! XD

  8. Thanks for chapter! I think I speak for everyone when I say we really need a good Baby Steps Volume!

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