Baby Steps Ch121

Good day to everyone, with this new release of Baby Steps comes a request that may seem unreasonable, but it serves a purpose. As you may know, to run this website and acquire raws for our series, it takes money. No we are not going back to that depositfiles horror of last year, worry not. What we are going to do is to change the monthly goal to a yearly goal, to give you a good idea of our needs early and how it affects us to miss the monthly goals. First of all, we need to renew our server soon (-ish), being in January. Except for this month, we havent had many donations and we would like to get the money to renew it before the last minute. So as I mentioned, well change to a yearly format, which would be from $600 to $800 depending on our needs. You might think this is a lot, but keep in mind that the server alone is a good 450$ of that chunk. Also, we will try to put some checkpoints, after which we will TRY to give you more chapters in one go, like several chapters of a series or a chapter of several series, well see.

Anyway, long story short, well be switching to yearly goal hoping you guys will donate to us. Once we reach that yearly goal, we wont bother you guys anymore until we need the next yearly goal :P.

P.S: The change will be made tomorrow, since our beloved webmaster decided to go sleep. Weak!

25 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch121”

  1. Thank you very much for Baby Steps!

    And I do think changing to a yearly goal is a better target, since the big picture is seen clearly. I just donated a very small amount (sorry it’s only $6 for now) but I will try to donate more as the year goes on.

    Thanks again for Baby Steps, this manga has inspired me in so many ways, I really appreciate the hard work you guys put in to release it.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Oh, and as soon as I get a job I’ll definitely donate some money to you guys!

  3. I read several of your guys releases, and am quite happy to donate, but I often don’t even think about donating until you post reminders like so.

  4. So I just read all 121 chapters of this, and my god, it’s so good. And now I”m faced with the reality that I won’t get to read so many chapters again, or even any new chapters very soon.

    1. lol. Why not read some of our other stuff, then? Who knows, you might like them, too~
      For baby steps you are lucky, because you can expect at least a chapter every week, if not more.

    2. Well, I do read a few of your series, though less now than I used to, since I had a case of hard drive failure and haven’t yet resumed some series since. Other series have been completed or even dropped.

    1. honestly I think you might be right. Though we’d rather not go there, because then we’d need to get rid of site and ddl and all that

    2. Well, yeah. It’s all about convenience these days.
      Sadly filehosters aren’t that reliable anymore too.
      So technically groups are forced to have their own server, if they want to provide a stable download.

      In my case I don’t care at all and just go with bot only^^

  5. Right now all i have is 50 cents but im gonna just start sending something every week. I guess it will add up lol.

  6. Thanks for the release. I got laid off a few weeks ago. but I promise I will donate again when I get a new job. The big total may make people think that their little contribution won’t make any difference, the challenge will be to convince tem otherwise.

  7. Stopping by to give you a big thank you! I’ve been following this manga from the start, and I never got bored. That’s also partly thanks to you and your good work.

    Anyways, I’ll try to donate something in the next few monthes.
    I agree that a big sum might scare some. I don’t mind, but people rarely see the greater scheme.

  8. going to be honest the bigger amount might scare people away o.o, ill be sure to donate an xmas gift :P but honestly hope you suceed , its just people get scared when number are higher, when donating a few bucks here and there seems more easy and casual and less pressure. gunna start reading the chapter now I bet its awesome.

    1. I agreed. instead of one yearly sum you guys should divide it into 4 Quarters instead you know like 1st Quarter goal, 2nd Quarter… that sort of thing that way the amount wont be some big number that might scare people away,more reasonable.

      Anyway awesome chap as always thanks for the hard work will be sure to donate later

  9. Sounds good, whats the interest you earn on a bank deposit? Can you invest in high yield yearly mf / bank deposit scheme?

    1. lol yeah right. Anything high yield would probably be locked from withdrawal which would be useless to us, and besides, the sums we’re dealing with are very low.

  10. That’s a funny expression on Araya on the last panel, he is like: “Brat, how dare you!”

    Thanks for the chapter!

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