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  1. First I’d like to say a huge thank you for all your guys hard hard work to get all they chapters out so fast and second…. keep it up xD

  2. wow just wow lol thanks guys really, i mean to release this much babysteps is just great :) u must of worked hard for us all & i would like to say thank you :) & as a fan of bs i look forward to finding out whats gonna happen next lol so please keep up the great work, just don’t burn out hahaha. thanks again :)

  3. Two thirds of a volume in the same week!!!?! WOW! And thank you for not having a life recently.
    Seriously, thank you for this, but please do not burn yourselves out. (genuine concern mixed with self-interest)

    And again Thank You.

  4. Yay, I feel so spoiled by this abundance of Baby Steps <3 Thanks so much!
    Waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next! :O

  5. Amazing, thank you for the chapters!

    Btw, my 2 cents on translation of a couple of tennis terms. “Hold” is probably the better word instead of “keep.” Also, the term “ace” is only used for ‘serves’ that the opponent wasn’t able to get a racket on, for “shots” during a rally that an opponent can’t touch, the term “winner” is used.

    Thanks again for the chapters!

  6. Ohoho! What a nice surprise! Thank you very much:) But please don’t overdo it. While we really appreciate it, even scanlators should have a life. (And some leechers will get used to the insane pace as well. Then they will be: “Only one chapter per week?”)

    1. Appreciate your understanding of the situation. Ruggia really wanted to get to chapter 135, so we’re pushing out more than usual in order to get there. Past that, we’ll probably slow back down to 2 a week or so.

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