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  1. i already work with sense-scans as a redrawer, but if you accept me anyway, i’ll make some time for you.. in times of need.. we have to help each other ^^ anyway great work you guys

  2. And today we have a Maroon 5 Show here in my town, an japanese/korean pop music party afterwards and an awesome chapter of babysteps before call the day off….can it be any better?

  3. Friday is commonly an expected day, but to me monday is too. Exceptional work guys, can’t wait for the next chapter!

  4. Thanks so much! 3 Chapters at once – i haven’t looked at them but i hope it’s the whole finale. Great,, you made my day once again!

  5. Sweet right on my bday i get chapters of baby steps, it doesnt top it off better then that :)

  6. Thanks for the triple release! Even though the last chapter still ended with a cliffhanger.
    Let’s see how Maruo gets out of this dire situation!

  7. Oh man, as I thought, this match is going to be full of tension and Maruo is going to learn more and more hopefully!

    And I certainly feel spoiled. :) Lots of chapters of the stuff I like to read. :D

    Thanks again!

  8. This is where E-chan’s lack of experience is going to hurt him, well, already has. Hopefully he refocuses in the next set.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  9. HELL FUCKING YES! Thanks. Hmmmm I hate leaching but fuck US college bills -.-…… Almost already in debt just paying the first semester and unable soooo yah. To broke -.-…..

  10. god dam u know how to spoil us hahaha thanks guys this is great, really love it when u spoil us hahaha please keep up the great work :) & thanks again :)

  11. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
    I looked here a few minutes ago and now this great surprise!
    Thank you!

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