Diamond no Ace – Ch86

So as I was saying a minute ago, here’s a new release, this time of Diamond no Ace and Fantasista. We released this for you lucky guys. Also, fyi, i’ll be starting school soon, not that it implies anything yet, since I don’t know my schedule lol. We might be preping something for you guys, so stay tuned!

P.S: Also guys, we are in dire need of REDRAWERS for this series. So please apply if you want to speed up this series. We do have a bunch of translations ready and just waiting, but no one to redraw.

7 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch86”

  1. god! i dunno how many times ive been logged in to my gmail waiting for this new chapter. awesome as always IM! :)

  2. Ahh~! I love coming back and seeing new chapters! Thank you so much for the update, I look forward to what is coming next!

  3. Woop :D Thanks for the release. I concur with the guy above, I too hope that the surprise is a full volume, doubt it though :P

  4. oh wow this took a little while.. was kinda scared at the status, thanks for the release guys! hopefully the surprise is an entire volume :D

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