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  1. I too believe Araya should win, but then Ei-chan would look weak and his chances to win the All-Japan Junior would be really low. He should at least have a difficult match against Araya.
    Thanks for the release!

  2. Im going to be sad if echan loses >.> I feel like he should but at the same time the story wont really progress if he does. Because he definitely deserves to see the next level of amateur tennis players and also it would be great if he progresses in the all junior with natsu. If e cham loses its like no story lol… thats how i feel but at same time his spirit seems less that araya’s so Idunno if he can win.

    1. Well, he is already through to the next level because he made it past the 2nd round, but if he doesn’t win this match he won’t be seeded and will have to face tough opponents early and often in the juniors. Perhaps he’ll lose just so we can see him play all the seeds who have been introduced so far in the story.

  3. On a side note: Not to be nit-picky, but on the 14th page in the last bubble it’s most likely thought -> taught. Thanks again for the chapter!:)

  4. great chap, its only going to get better :) thanks for the new chapter as always guys :) please keep up the great work :)

  5. Thanks for another chapter! And the match has begun! This won’t be like the last few chapters which were more relaxing and less cliff-hangerish. I’m going to read this chapter again and again in anticipation of the next. ^_^

  6. This feels like it is going to be an game changing match for either one of them…. Come on Ei-chan!

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