Welcome to the El-Palacio

Why, for my return after 4 days of work, it is a series we haven’t released in a very very very very long time! Our savior has arrived, that is Green Moriyama, for translating this series that was lacking one! So nice to read this after so long and we hope to bring you more of this!

Enjoy this new chapter!

32 thoughts on “Welcome to the El-Palacio”

  1. SANKYUUUU!!!!
    No, seriously! Thank you so much for this release! Loved the chapter and will be waiting eagerly for the next one! :D

  2. It is great that this series has reappeared among your releases. It is just so much fun to read.

  3. Agree with the others (well, apart from the ‘Based God’ comment… seriously, it’s 2012 ya know?). All I can add is a big ‘Thank you’!

  4. I died a little inside when I found out that you guys released a new chapter. Thank you so much for having this back up again!

  5. Thank you so much! I have been eagerly awaiting the next chapters of this manga since I found it on Batoto!

  6. Thanks for bringing this back, guys! I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new chapter ever since you last announced you were be putting the series on hold for a while.


    Been waiting for this for over a year, hope you guys continue to translate it.

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