23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch113”

  1. These two seem perfect for each other ^^, there pretty much each others opposites and have the potential to help each other grow in what they lack :3

  2. Honestly, I thought the match’s score would be more balanced than what is shown at the end. Either way, I loved the chapter because it shows how both players finally acknowledge each other through tennis.
    Thanks for the chapter, It was enjoyable!

    1. I like the parallel to their slowly (very slowly) growing relationship. Natsu is a handful and although being thoughtful about her is good, Eiichiro will often need to just go with what seems right rather than over analyzing.

  3. Aww, I wish the author showed a bit more in terms of thought process for each. Perhaps we’ll see it in a flashback in the future chapters.

  4. Thanks, love me some Baby Steps. All I need now is a new chap of Daiya no A and I’ll be happy :D

  5. Somehow this chapter was more amazing than the rest so far. i really enjoyed this chapter

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