Baby Steps – Ch112 + Omake

Hello everyone, no we didn’t die, no we didn’t drop this because of a week without releases. It just so happened that our beloved tser had some troubles and had to take care of them before being back to us with his awesomeness. So here it is, a new chapter of Baby Steps + the small nice omake!

Enjoy this new chapter!

26 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch112 + Omake”

  1. Great chapter! He’s gonna be a second Souji, leaving all the others behind in a short time. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Really great chapter! Can’t wait to see the progress of the match between Ei-chan and Nacchan! Thank you very much, you guys are awesome!

  3. more baby steps, thanks guys hope we’re not doing ya heads in lol its just we love baby steps as much as u love working on it(mayb lol) hope all is well & really thank you for all the hard work & time, please keep it up :)

  4. Yay more Baby Steps! Thanks! ^_^

    It’s so fortunate that last chapter wasn’t a cliffhanger; perfectly timed with this little break.

    I wonder how Maruo will deal with this situation. So exciting~ :D

  5. No Baby Steps release for one WHOLE week:O Well, I think I can forgive you:P Thanks for the chapter! And the extra of course!

    1. [Exit Love Mode] [Error #9: Impossible, please shut down all pheromones and Retry]

  6. Thanks for the chapter! I especially loved the omake at school! Its nice to get a small break from Tennis sometimes

  7. woot, i always enjoy reading this series… Idunno why but I have yet to feel a dull moment from this manga so far

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