Diamond no Ace – Ch85

A new day a new volume starting and a new chapter! Yes, we are still going at it with this one. Sawamura is still shining and making people notice him, this time for the good reasons!

Enjoy this new chapter!

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17 thoughts on “Diamond no Ace – Ch85”

  1. Thanks a lot for another chapter. Can’t wait for more. Now I think some run swill be scored but I have to wonder, will Sawamura be able to stay on the mound till the end? Will he allow some runs?

    I’ll be waiting for more chapter XD

    1. I think while everyone wants this, im grateful that this manga is back to being scanned period

  2. Yeah! Thanks a lot guys! Very cool chapter too. Its nice to see Sawamura owning faces.

  3. THANKS GUYS!! i dont usually comment because i just go straight to the reader XD but i wanna let you guys know that theres a lotta lurkers like me who appreciate your hard work CANT WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER

  4. i’m stoked watching shun’s face when Tanba went to the bullpen. hahahaha. and Sawamura, he really is somebody. Kominato’s warming up too! arghhh! good chapter. :)

  5. Yay… Sawamura isn’t making too much of an idiot of himself (yet). Thanks for the release.

  6. Thanks for the new chapter, loving this regularity of releases! Sawamura is about to tear it up!

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