Baby Steps – Ch111

Today, I am the one releasing Baby Steps because apparently ilikefood is sulking and doesn’t like getting stabbed while he keeps stabbing people all the time. Poor kid, getting his feelings hurt. Oh well, that’s beside the point! We have a new chapter of Baby Steps for you and Maruo being himself reflects on stuff!

Enjoy this new chapter!

28 thoughts on “Baby Steps – Ch111”

  1. I like your work so much that I decided to start reading this series :D Awesome job, thanks :)

  2. just come back from a weekend away(piss up with the lads lol) to find baby steps just what i need for a hangover lol thanks guys:)

  3. Damn, Miyagawa-kun was totally owned.. The part where he leaves crying was kind of moving; his future was a pro had just ended.
    Still, I look forward to the next matches.. oh, and I’d like to see more of the 1st seeded girl who apparently is interested in Ei-kun.

  4. I love these kinds of chapters with character development. I wonder though, is the author going to drag the romance thing with Natsu through the whole manga with a resolution only at the very end or will she choose to show the progression and ups/downs of a relationship. Perhaps those who can read the raws know the answer?

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

    1. Hm, I have checked the raws up to v.22, and while I can’t read a lick of japanese, there is (some) progression. The romance is still tertiary (imo) at best compared to the main focus with tennis. Honestly though, it’s not like this is shoujo or josei, so I wouldn’t expect much deep development in the romance department.

  5. Thank you!!! I love this manga, and hope the next chapter will be released soon!

  6. Thank you~~~ :3 Especially for picking up the torch in the face of sulking (or something?), though hope ilikefood feels better soon.

  7. Thank you very much for the chapter!
    Life-changing match indeed, but hard work usually pays off! Go Ei-chan!

  8. Thank you! Nice conclusion of the game:)

    And Ei-chan looking a bit like a character from Dragon Ball on page 3…:D

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