Itsuka Tenma Ch18

Another one of those seemingly forgotten series. Don’t worry, we don’t forget. Or at least we try not to…
All thanks should go to TheUnknownMercenary and SilentCountdown for that one. Well, and larethian, of course, but he had done his part of the work ages ago… Let’s see if we’ll get to release this one a little bit more often, but I’m not making any promises.

The chapter itself was a bit… confusing. Personally I had to read a couple of the previous chapters just to remember what was going on, heh. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Itsuka Tenma Ch18”

  1. Wooow thank a lot for the new chapter. Ive waiting for so long, i love this series. Thanks again

    1. I love it that you love this series >:3 this is why we brought it back! Thank you for your support!

  2. Thanks, for this release, it is a forgotten one but still love it, and thanks to u guys i got to get back on it, please dont stop working on it tyvm

    1. We’ll try to keep it up as much as possible. And thanks for your support :)

    2. You can be sure that as long as i am able to work and everyone is still on board with the project >:3 we shall be doing this. I shall be starting on the next chapter after my exams + 2-3 other series that i have on my list (as i just finished going 2 others ;D KACHING)

  3. I really really like this manga!! Thank you so much for the new chapter! Ill be waiting for the next one! I cheer you up!

    1. :D These comments are what drive me! Thank you so much for the support ^___^!

    1. waaaaaaiiiitttt a minute… how come you ask this here -.-‘…
      go complain about that over there!!! and it did come yesterday o.O >.>

  4. “Another one of those seemingly forgotten series”
    Indeed no thanks to Xebecs failed anima adaption. Thanks for another release!

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